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Simple Chocolate Cake

Ingredients For cake packaging:Milk: One third cupButter: One third cupButter: Three quarters of a cupVanilla: 1 teaspoonChocolate: 1 cup (chopped) Ready-made chocolate cake mixture: Box Vegetable oil: one third cup Eggs: 2 tablets Milk: 300 ml Vanilla: 1 teaspoonHow to prepareMix the cake mixture with oil, eggs, milk and vanilla as instructed on the package […]

Cake, recipes

Chocolate Cake

Ingredients Flour: 4 and a half cups Sugar: 3 cups (white) Cocoa: Cup (pillow) Water: 3 cups Vegetable oil: cup Vanilla: 3 teaspoons Salt: half a teaspoon Baking Soda: 3 teaspoonsHow to preparePreheat oven to 175°C.Prepare a properly sized oven tray and grease it with a little oil.In a deep bowl, place the flour, cocoa […]